Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - November 23, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
November 23, 2008

Matthews: OMG we have a black president!!!

Kay: i know!!!

Matthews: But Obama isn't an obstinate rich selfish shortsighted greedy unintelligent asshole!!

Woodward: well we have some flaws

Tweety: why is Stupid so stupid?

Woodward: he doesn't like homework

Matthews: why did fancy elitists vote for President elect Smarty pants?

Borger: Obama will fail unless he listens to the guts of david broder

Gregory: Obama got lucky becaue Bush's gut was full of shit

Kay: the people of world are still dancing in the streets over the election

Matthews: what about America's friends and allies

Kay: those ARE America's allies

Tweety: what is different from Bush to Obama?

Woodward: first of all Obama isn't a congential liar

Matthews: but i like to be lied to!

Woodward: Emission Accomplished

Gregory: The Failed Obama Presidency will be more realistic - which is a real bummer

Matthews: Government has been evil since 1976

Borger: that was before Katrina, Detroit, the Wall Street bailout

Matthews: the war was underfunded so that was small government

Gregory: Wall Street and Government have no leaders now

Matthews: I have Daddy Issues!!!

Kay: Tell me something I don't know!!

Matthews: fucking Joe Lieberman got rewarded!

Borger: the american people love Joe

Tweety: Obama's naive!

Kay: he's a fucking Vulcan

Woodward: that green blooded, inhuman

Tweety: OMG!

Kay: really Tweety you must learn to govern your passions they will be your undoing

Woodward: look at all the Clinton people he brought in oh noes

Matthews: you said the word 'Clinton' ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Woodward: ha ha ha ha ha

Tweety: Bill! ha ah ha ha ha

Matthews: Stupid is going crazy i love it!

Gregory: he is so classy, he wears the trappings of the Presidency so well

Kay: you two need a team of psychiatrists - i mean from Vienna

Matthews: OMG Hillary is a threat to the next President!!!!

Kay: idiot

Matthews: so Obama is threatened!

Borger: no….

Matthews: so she IS a threat!

Kay: Tweety you're not making any sense

Woodward: Bill and Hillary can't control each other!

Tweety: Ha!

Bob: Bill and Hillary will share the world

Woodward: The World is Not Enough

Gregory: They need to co-opt Bill Clinton

Kay: Wily Arabs will not trust a woman

Woodward: Hillary will emasculate Joe Biden

Tweety: [ crosses legs ]

Tweety: tell me some news!

Woodward: the NSA Advisor will be Jim Jones

Tweety: he didn't drink the Iraq Kool aid!

Borger: GOP will lose Michigan

Gregory: Obama will fail in the middle east!

Matthews: who will get a pardon from Stupid?

Kay: Scooter and Stevens

Woodward: Neither

Borger: Scooter

Gregory: Stevens

Matthews: Scooter!

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