Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - November 16, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - November 16, 2008

Matthews: OMG Obama is fighting a tiger i hope he has a magic rock!

Fineman: it turns out the Republicans really really suck

Burnett: Bush came out against socialism - he's only for bailouts for people who don't need it

Duffy: The Dems are relying on Durbin and Pelosi

Matthews: Rush Limbaugh is calling it The Obama Recession!!!

Duffy: I'm persuaded

Norris: George Bush is trying to save the GOP by crushing the US auto industry

Matthews: that should work

Norris: Republicans are showing their love for American by crippling the country to hurt Obama

Matthews: can America survive Bush's last 40 days?

Burnett: highly doubtful

Matthews: I'm moving to someplace safe like Iceland

Norris: fuck the Obama bailout

Matthew: will Obama come out with loud hip hop music??

Duffy: I think chicks and geese and ducks better scurry

Fineman: Obama is going to tell the cautious DC types to fuck off

Norris: Obama will sign legislation during his acceptance speech

Burnett: Wall Street is suddenly interested in massive welfare - for them

Matthews: we're all Cainesians now

Matthews: Will McCain help Obama?

Fineman: yes he is Obama's immigration bitch

Matthews: OMG young republicans like Palin, Pawlenty and Jindal will save the party!

Tweety Meter: Jindal! Jindal!

Tweety: Will Romney or Palin be elected President in 2012?

Norris: it all depends on Chris Matthews

Matthews: i love sarah palin

Burnett: she's amusing but dumb

Matthews: that usually works in politics

Matthews: who will speak for the Republican party?

Fineman: Rush Limbaugh

Tweety: will no one else oppose Obama??

Duffy: liberal bloggers

Tweety: hah!

Norris: I was in a barbershop and black men are cutting off their dreadlocks, pulling up their pants and joining the army

Matthews: an investment in America!

Fineman: Clyburn is a power broker and he a centrist and black

Burnett: GM is a zombie corpse but they are selling cars overseas in China and Russia

Tweety: to the Commies!

Matthews: will Obama give McCain a cabinet position?

Norris: he has to if Obama wants to win in 2012

Fineman: Obama needs McCain in the Senate - he's sooo powerful

Duffy: he's Obama's liasion to the Rictus-American community

Duffy: Gates is willing to serve in the cabinet if Obama asks nicely

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