Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – June 29, 2014

Pierre Thomas
Martha Raddatz
Terry Moran
Jim Avila
President Barack Obama
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)
Mayor Jim Darling – McAllen, Texas
Dahlia Lithwick
Carrie Severino
Donna Brazile
Matthew Dowd
Bill Kristol
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Martha Raddatz

Thomas: omg al-qaeda is making 
invisible magic bombs

Stephanopoulos: holy shit

Thomas: they're making toothpaste explosives

Stephanopoulos: sweet jesus

Thomas: they're going to get trained in
Syria which is like a university for psychos

Stephanopoulos: but could that happen here

Thomas: it did at the Boston bombing

Stephanopoulos: shit I forgot

Stephanopoulos: what about the 
Benghazi bomber?

Thomas: he's cooperating with the FBI

Stephanopoulos: it's a tough case to make

Thomas: he'll be treated like a 
common thug in US court

Stephanopoulos: then he's totally screwed

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: are terrorists 
going to attack us

Obama: maybe

Stephanopoulos: that's scary

Obama: it's been a scary world 
since 2001 George

Stephanopoulos: what's the biggest threat?

[ break ]

King: there are Americans in Syria now
being trained to come back here to kill us

Stephanopoulos: I'm terrified

King: you should be – we're all 
going to die very soon

Stephanopoulos: eeek

King: also most airports have no security

Stephanopoulos: literally every county 
in the world is at war in Iraq

Raddatz: except for San Marino
Vanuatu and Colbert Nation

Stephanopoulos: what's the role 
for US advisors in Iraq?

Raddatz: to stop Iraqi soldiers from
running away very fast which is what
they generally do

Stephanopoulos: what's the biggest concern?

Raddatz: that the Iraqi government will
just going after their political enemies

King: we need to protect American asses in Iraq!

Stephanopoulos: yeah we need 
to cover our asses

King: no assets – American assets

Stephanopoulos: same thing

King: pretty much

Stephanopoulos: does the President
need to go to Congress?

King: no but he should

Stephanopoulos: what's up on the US border?

Allen: US law encourages children 
to come to America

Stephanopoulos: that darn Obama!

Avila: actually it's a law signed by Bush
and passed Congress unanimously

Stephanopoulos: never mind then

Avila: so we have to care for 
kids and their moms

Obama: do not send your children to America!

Stephanopoulos: good morning Mayor
how is the immigrations crisis going?

Darling: we don't see it a crisis

Stephanopoulos: no?

Darling: we have catholic charities
helping to save immigrants lives

Stephanopoulos: why are they coming
are they fleeing war or what?

Darling: how should I know?

Stephanopoulos: is this putting a strain
on your little town?

Darling: yes it's not fair to make our town
and charities care for these immigrants

Stephanopoulos: fair point

Mayor: but we're doing our best

Stephanopoulos: good luck with that

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: what's up with 
the Supreme Court?

Moran: this year the Court ended caps
on contributions, protected cell phones,
and held that buffer zones are unconstitutional
except for the one around the Supreme Court

Stephanopoulos: good wrap up

Moran: we're still waiting for the Hobby Lobby

Stephanopoulos: what's with all the unanimous rulings?

Moran: Roberts is trying to rehab the courts image in this era

Lithwick: he got nine people to agree
it doesn't matter what apps James Madison
would have put on his cell phone

Severino: it's great progress that the
court pushed back on Obama's lawlessness

Stephanopoulos: what about the upcoming opinion?

Moran: if Hobby Lobby wins it 
could make all laws optional

Lithwick: the court went small this week
so they might go big on Hobby Lobby

Severino: Hobby Lobby really 
believe abortion is murder!

Moran: if you want your rights to rate
you must incorporate

Stephanopoulos: gay marriage 
is winning all over

Lithwick: the nation is ready for equality

Severino: the next President will appoint
3 justices depending on who dies

Stephanopoulos: some want 
Ginsburg to retire

Moran: she's not going to game the system
plus she loves her job

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Boehner says you are acting like a King

Obama: what a jackass – you notice he
never said what he objects to

Stephanopoulos: he's said he's going to sue you

Obama: listen to him squawk –
why doesn't he try getting something done!?

[ panel ]

Dowd: both sides are equally to blame

Stephanopoulos: but is suing Obama a good idea?

Kristol: Obama is a dictator!

Stephanopoulos: but is this lawsuit a good plan?

Kirstol: not not really – but Obama is still like Hitler

vanden Heuvel: Congress is not doing anything!

Kristol: so if they're not doing anything
then they must be doing something

Stephanopoulos: sounds right to me

vanden Heuvel: [ facepalm ]

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