Sunday, October 07, 2012

Meet The Press - October 7, 2012

Robert Gibbs
Newt Gingrich
Mike Murphy
Hillary Rosen
Chuck Todd
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gregory: the debate was bad
for Obama but unemployment
has dropped to 7.8%

Gingrich: this is the most fascinating
election in American history

Gibbs: we dug out of the enormous
hole we were in we’ve now
been adding jobs for 2 years

Gregory: Romney has been bashing
the President for not going under 8%

Murphy: good point but do people
feel better about the economy?

Gregory: actually they do

Todd: things are going well in
Ohio in Virginia - do voters want to
repeal everything Obama did and go back

Rosen: who do you trust to restore
America to mediocrity?

Murphy: Wednesday night 80 million
people fell in love with Romney

Gingrich: the average American
wants cheap gas

Gibbs: cripes  - we were losing
800,000 jobs per month and we’ve
been adding jobs for 31 months

Gregory: but things are still bad

Gibbs: now Romney wants to give
Wall Street a kiss and crush Sesame Street

Murphy: Obama seemed tired and
Romney was energized and full of ideas

Gibbs: he wished away his entire
platform and pretended he wasn’t
going to cut taxes for the richest Americans

Murphy: you ignore all the loopholes
he’s going to cut

Gibbs: what loopholes!?

Gregory: Jack Welch made an
unsubstantiated claim which I will now
repeat that Obama’s thugs
manipulated labor statistics

Gingrich: Jack Welch instantly reacted
to good news by assuming Obama
is a criminal - this proves that
Obama is a bad President

Todd: this is absolutely fucking crazy -
this instant resort to insane conspiracy
theories is bad for America

Gibbs: Welch embarrassed himself like
some birth certificate weirdo - batshit
nonsense like this is wrecking America

Gingirch: but it’s out there

Todd: the media elevate every rich
weirdo with a nutty theory like
Donald Trump -  it’s go to stop

Gregory: but I love him

Gingrich: I spoke to every small
business person in America and
they all hate Obama

Gregory: so where was Obama
during the debate

Gibbs: Romney ran away from
his own plan - he embraced teachers
and pretended he wouldn’t cut taxes

Gingrich: why didn’t Obama just call
Romney a liar - that always worked for me

Gregory: but you lost

Gingrich: I’m here aren’t I

Gregory: will Romney cut taxes
for the rich, close loopholes or
explode the deficit?

Rosen: two out of three ain’t bad

Murphy: Obama has failed to
cut the debt

Gregory: that is so sad

Rosen: which is more important
- style or substance?

Todd: Style!

Murphy: style!

Gingrich: Obama used to have great style

Murphy: what is Obama’s vision for America

Rosen: Romney just wants to be elected

Gibbs: how can anyone trust him?

Gregory: I spoke to the Oracle Simpson-Bowles
and they say Romney’s plan doesn’t add up

Gingrich: Romney has a plan to cut the
debt by selling federal land to British Petroleum

Murphy: what could go wrong?

Gingrich: Romney was very very clear
- he promised never to cut taxes for the rich

Gibbs: in the primaries he promised
to cut taxes for the rich

Gingrich: well then clearly he lied!

Gregory: what does Obama have to
do in the next debate

Gibbs: call Romney a fucking liar to his face

Gregory: who wins the election?

Todd: Republicans are very enthusiastic
about beating Obama and the kids
just don’t care

Gregory: what else

Todd: old people are wild about
Romney and Hispanics are apathetic

Gregory: David Brooks says Obama
should be more passionate

Rosen: Obama is passionate about
solar panels, testing kids, and
implementing Romneycare

Gregory: no wonder people Democrats
are so enthusiastic

Rosen: he also likes gay people

Gregory: we all do

Murphy: Obama keeps attacking
Romney - it’s so sad

Gingrich: we should eliminate Obamacare
to pay for tax cuts for the rich

Gingrich: Romney will drill in for oil in Ohio!

Gregory: how about the Vice President debates

Gibbs: Ryan will probably lie a lot

Gingrich: Ryan will be respectful

Todd: Recall Bentsen-Quayle and
Cheney-Edwards - the old guy always win

Rosen: Paul Ryan is too proud to
disavow Ayn Rand and his budget cuts

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Arnold
Schwarzenegger: thanks vluffy

Gregory: can Romney still win the elections?

Schwarzenegger: yes maybe hey
you never know

Gregory: I love your post-partisanship

Schwarzenegger: yes it works when
the parties work together do want like
when Reagan worked for three years
to reform social security

Gregory: you appeal to non-English speakers

Schwarzenegger: McCain-Kennedy had a
great immigration plan and the GOP says
we can’t tackle this because there is an
election coming up - hello - that’s how
you win elections

Gregory: I see

Schwarzenegger: soldiers risk their lives
and politicians are afraid to lose an election
- our politicians need more balls!

Gregory: you humiliated your wife
- have you lost all political credibility

Schwarzenegger: no - but I will continue
the acting and the political stuff and
the personal relationships

Gregory: do you have good character

Schwarzenegger: I think so

Gregory: really

Schwarzenegger: read my book

Gregory: are you a sympathetic person

Schwarzenegger: I’m a lover and a fighter

Gregory: you are

Schwarzenegger: I am inspirations and
a visionary but I have a dark side so
people should make up their own mind

Gregory: what lessons would you
like your sons to learn from you

Schwarzenegger: Maria is a great mother

Gregory: but what lessons

Schwarzenegger: I am an inspiration

Gregory: you pretended your earpiece
wasn’t working when you were asked
about your tax returns

Schwarzenegger: ha that was hilarious

Gregory: will you run for office again

Schwarzenegger: As Governor I wanted
to achieve many things and will work to
achieve those things

Gregory: what do we think panel

Rosen: I’m appalled

Murphy: he’s a good friend of mine

Todd: I love politics because of
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gingrich: of course Arnold has no credibility
but he is what makes America great -
an immigrant bodybuilder tuned action star
turned rich guy marrying a Kennedy running
the largest state then having a child with
the maid and writing a book about it and
retiring to an institute at an elite university

Gregory: and that’s another episode
of Meet The Press


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