Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - August 14, 2011

Fmr Gov. Tim Pawlenty - (RMN)
Rep. Michele Bachmann - (R-MN)
Tapper: hi I’m coming from the center of
the universe - Ames Iowa

Audence: woot

Tapper: Michele Bachmann got 29% of
the vote and Ron Paul got 28% so should
Tim Pawlenty should drop out?

Tapper: Hi T-Paw - what went wrong?

Pawlenty: people don’t like me so I’m dropping out

Tapper: you’re so popular and you’re from a
neighboring state

Pawlenty: I’m rational, experienced and have
a record of results and clearly the voters
want something different

Tapper: you think the voter don’t want
someone rational?

Pawlenty: Michele won and Ron Paul came
in second so draw your own conclusions

Tapper: why not stick it out?

Pawlenty: I’m a realist Tappy

Tapper: this must be devastating for you

Pawlenty: God clearly doesn’t want to me
to be President

Tapper: would Michele Bachmann be
a reckless choice?

Pawlenty: she is crazy

Tapper: Obama is poised to lose but the GOP
could blow it by nominating a divisive nut

Pawlenty: right

Tapper: will you endorse anyone?

Pawlenty: not Michele that's for sure

Tapper: do you think she is even qualified?

Pawlenty: well we’ve had crazy Presidents before

Tapper: thanks for coming Tim

[ break ]

Tapper: so Timster is out - congrats Michele

Bachmann: thanks - I wish that loser well

Tapper: why should a moderate Republican
vote for you?

Bachmann: I’ve created jobs because I
collected taxes for the IRS

Tapper: I see

Pawlenty: I’m authentically wacky

Tapper: Other candidates are far more experienced

Bachmann: I’ve been the tip of the spear
against paying our bills as a nation

Tapper: fascinating

Bachmann: I have a core set of beliefs

Tapper: So does Rick Perry

Bachmann: I’ve been in Washington

Tapper: but people hate Washington

Bachmann: yes but I’ve never been a Governor
like Ronald Reagan was and also Jimmy Carter

Tapper: what exactly is your point Michele?

Bachmann: I led a movement for home schooling
and that’s what I will do as President

Tapper: why would you refuse to pay bills for
money we’ve already spent?

Bachmann: when did we become the biggest
debtor nation in the history of the world?

Tapper: under Reagan actually

Bachmann: and he was a Governor!

Tapper: what exactly would you cut?

Bachmann: I would pay debt holders, soldiers,
and old people - everything else gets eliminated

Tapper: what about Medicare and Medcaid?

Bachmann: those plans are 80 years old -
anyone that old is useless

Tapper: do you believe homosexuality is slavery?

Bachmann: yes but remember families were
very happy in slave days

Tapper: what is your strategy?

Bachmann: Obama is my strategy

Tapper: congrats Michele

Bachmann: thanks - vote for anti-bondage in 2012!


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