Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not An Exact Transcript!

McKay: dood Gonzalez lied but the crime here is that they're so fucking bad at it

Cummins: they smeared good people to hide their total shittiness nice huh

Gregory: why were you fired dood

Cummins: hey i was willing to do the little salute when bush came in the room but I wasn't gonna grow the charlie chaplin mustache

Gregory: hey is Justice really the place to stick the losers of the bush administration

Cummins: draw yur own conclusions heh heh

McKay: they put a cloud over the whole Justice department

Gregory: cmon speculate about these fascists

Mckay: well i wouldn't throw dems in abu ghraib so that's a performance problem

McKay: call me crazy but someone needs to look into this

Gregory: bush administration DOJ is full of inexperience hacks true?

Cummins: you don't need a lot of experience in prosecutions to have ethics for crying out loud

Mckay: i don't think gonzalez is too political but the people he works with are like bush and rove people like that

Cummins: yes of course new presidents can put new US attorneys in but by the hammer of thor you can't prosecute people for political reasons

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