Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not An Exact Transcript - McLaughlin

McLaughlin: issue one, Abu!

Pat: they didn't abort anything which would be a crime

Eleanor: Fielding knew what he was doing as you and Pat know well from Waterg-

John: careful...

McLaughlin: Showdown?

Blankley: Executive Privilege is like a slip 'n slide it was fun in the summer of 1974

John: i like your suit

Blankman: yeah it's sherwin-williams

John Mc: conditions laughable yes or no aroma of executive privilege

O'Donnell: Dems are salivating at the idea of questioning him Rove is a guy who lies all the time

Pat: Journalists are hypocrites they want their privilege when Repubs confess to crimes

Eleanor: um, let's not forget this is about lying, corruption, obstruction of justice....

Pat: i say this is a show trial, in other words i got nothing

O'Donnell: Rove is a liar

Blankley: boo-hoo so unfair he just has a bad memory for the bad things he's done

McLaughlin: Did you ever see SchoolHouse Rock, it said "No More Kings" in other words Bush is a dictator once war starts

Eleanor: they sent troops with no body armor

Blankley: The model is George Washington no micromanging is allowed even though the Constitution didn't even exist back then

Elinor: ok those are tired buzzwords can i just point out Bush is planning to invade Iran

O'Donnell: we don't have enough troops even if we wanted to

Elinor: don't be too sure they're pretty dumb

McLaughlin: Gore like a big hero this week are the deniers like those who ride dinosaurs to church

Larry: Clinton nailed Gore on carbon tax

Pat: It's hype it's not serious like ten new aircraft carriers

McLaughlin: Look at all these credentials Oscar, Nobel Prize Kelly Clarkson and Red Hot Chili Peppers hey they're hot

Blankley: no he's an impressario and by the way there is no such thing as global warming

Pat: he's like Leni Reifenstahl that's a compliment i love her movies

McLaughlin: The YouTube loophole is very scary

Pat: real issue is freelancers

Eleanor: let her rip

McLaughlin: The internet is has sleazy stuff, it's a toilet - kinda like my show but with dancing cats

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