Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not An Exact Transcript - Russert

Specter: we need to have an AG who is candid, truthful, and believes Oswald acted alone

Timmeh: ok, leaving the single bullet theory aside for a moment, what's the deal with Alberto

Durbin: 486 US As and 2 are fired and now suddenly 8 are gone because Karl Rove wanted a permanent majority

Timmeh: Abu yes or no

Durbin: no

Timmeh: Jeebus these were in the top Ten prosecutors that's what Casey Kasem said

Specter: someone's got some 'splaining to do

Timmeh: Does Abu has Integrity

Specter: i can't tell until i get a good look at the whites of his eyeballs

Timmeh: Rove under oath - do those words get you excited to go fishing

Durbin: sadly we may have to ask him a lot of questions i wouldn't rule out waterboarding but don't worry there won't be any organ failure

Timmeh: Avoid a show trial

Durbin: heh give me a break it won't be a show unless he really sings

Specter: look i think i'm still in charge isn't that funny

Timmeh: yeah you lost

Specter: do you like my coat it used to be a sofa

Timmeh: its good i like the tie too is that the pepto bismol line

Specter: yeah it's time to end the stalemate and bickering and cave into the white house.

Bradley: boldness...ethics.. imagine there's no parties, it's easy if you try

Timmeh: ok i've heard that song before

Bradley: imagine all the people, voting DLC.....

Timmeh: you bash Dems which is good but arent't you soft on defense

Bradely: No i'm very hard

Tim: gas tax man no wonder you're out of politics

Bradely: we wouldn't use that dollar for spending

Timmeh: you're not saying Iraq was related to oil holy shit

Bradley: Dems should take back religion and morality

Bradely: I hate it when Dems say that people who succeed in America are the problem -- i have lots of examples hidden in my briefcase

Timmeh: you have no charisma - bitter much

Bradley: hey i resent that it's just Repubus never fall for charisma look at their great choices like Reagan and George W. Bush

Timmy: Dems who do you luv

Bradely: edwards has a health care plan but the real issue is that i like to pretend that i'm above petty issues like politics do you think david broder will like what i'm saying

Tim: obama yes or no

Bradley: well he stole my ideas and i resent it because he's got charisma and he's a rock star

Timm: so you're not impressed

Bradley: no, did you know i only got elected because i played basketball and i could easily take Obama

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