Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 13, 2016

Brian Ross
Jon Karl
Martha Raddatz
Rudy Giuliani – Trump campaign
Rep. Keith Ellison – (D-MN)

Stephanopoulos: omfg its the biggest
upset in the American political history

Stephanopoulos: jesus fucking christ he's
really going to live in the White Hosue

Stephanopoulos: my god the future fucking
President lives in fucking Trump Tower

Stephanopoulos: people are fucking terrified

Stephanopoulos: but are we seeing
a kinder gentler Donald Trump?

Trump: we owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary

Trump: I have great respect 
for President Obama

Trump: I really like Paul Ryan

Stephanopoulos: this week 
thousands marched against Trump

Stephanopoulos: but racism is
breaking out all over the USA

Stephanopoulos: will he keep 
his crazy-ass promises?

Karl: the chief of staff will either 
be Reice Priebus or the the leader 
of an insane website

Karl: Congress is begging him for Reince

Karl: but the tea party wants Bannon

Stephanopoulos: what does 
Trump really want to?

Karl: Trump is an 'ideas man' 
not a 'details guy'

Stephanopoulos: he wants to keep
the popular parts of Obamacare

Karl: yes he's flip-flopping on that

Stephanopoulos: anything else?

Karl: he wants a big spending
infrastructure bill that would have
been unacceptable under Obama

Stephanopoulos: there are some
real weirdos up for high office

Raddatz: you have to be comfortable
with someone whispering in your ear

Stephanopoulos: true

Rad: you make loyalists happy
by floating the names of crazy people

Stephanopoulos: can he rip up the Iran deal?

Raddatz: no

Stephanopoulos: oh really?

Raddatz: they will just talk tougher

Stephanopoulos: he's taking 
Assad's side in the war

Raddatz: that's good news for Putin

Stephanopoulos: what's their plan for ISIS?

Raddatz: Mike Flynn is planning 
an intelligence surge

Stephanopoulos: there are 4,500
lawsuits against the Donald

Ross: only 30 are really significant

Stephanopoulos: what a relief

Ross: he owes $100 million to a
German bank under federal investigation

Stephanopoulos: he's going to put
his business in a blind trust

Ross: right – it's unprecedented

Stephanopoulos: the President is
exempt from conflict of interest laws

Ross: that's right

Stephanopoulos: thanks Brian

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Rudy

Giuliani: nice to be here

Stephanopoulos: are you going
to be Secretary of State?

Giuliani: I shouldn't say

Stephanopoulos: but you want to
work in the White House

Giuliani: no I have a full life

Stephanopoulos: will there be a
special prosecutor of Hillary Clinton?

Giuliani: you don't want to look vindictive
but then again she is an evil criminal

Stephanopoulos: quite a dilemma you have

Giuliani: someone independent 
should look into it

Stephanopoulos: Hillary says she 
would have won but for James 
Comey breaking the rules

Giuliani: no it was hatred of
Obamacare that gave us the election

Stephanopoulos: but Trump is 
keeping Obamacare

Giuliani: Obamacare moved 
the votes in Michigan!

Stephanopoulos: she won the popular vote

Giuliani: Trump has a huge mandate!

Stephanopoulos: oh really

Giuliani: you govern like you're
really popular even if you're not

Stephanopoulos: I see

Giuliani: he won by a lot of states

Stephanopoulos: there's lots of racist
incidents across America
what should Trump do about it?

Giuliani: those crybabies are
exaggerating fears of DJT presidency

Stephanopoulos: perhaps

Giuliani: they're breaking Rudy's Rules!

Stephanopoulos: they are?

Giuliani: you don't take Rudy's Streets!

Stephanopoulos: got it

Giuliani: people die when roads
and bridges are blocked!

Stephanopoulos: can't have that

Giuliani: Clinton and Obama should
tell those protesters to shut the hell up

Stephanopoulos: what about 
all the racist attacks?

Giuliani: anti–Italian activists attacked my car!

Stephanopoulos: is that so

Giuliani: these protesters are professionals!

Stephanopoulos: really?

Giuliani: yes!

Stephanopoulos: if you say so

Giuliani: they didn't look like smart
people they look like dumb capitalists

Stephanopoulos: Trump is intermingling
his business and the Presidency

Giuliani: he'll create a blind trust

Stephanopoulos: there isn't one now

Giuliani: Trump should just be
passive and uninvolved and just
have no decision-making power

Stephanopoulos: of course but what
about his businesses

Giuliani: ha ha ha

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: omg Keith Ellison predicted
Trump would the primary and the election!

Stephanopoulos: welcome Congressman

Ellison: hi George

Stephanopoulos: Hillary lost 5 million voters

Ellison: I know

Stephanopoulos: what went wrong?

Ellison: he played on people's 
fears and anxieties

Stephanopoulos: true

Ellison: we should've won Pennsylvania
and Michigan and Wisconsin

Stephanopoulos: but you didn't

Ellison: people are struggling

Stephanopoulos: did James Comey
swing the election?

Ellison: his stupid letter changed
the conservation from the middle class

Stephanopoulos: I see

Ellison: now they're going to privatize
Social Security – congrats America!

Stephanopoulos: Clinton won more
votes and the result is that the GOP
controls the whole government

Ellison: we've got to have a vision to strengthen the grass roots

Stephanopoulos: what else

Ellison: we've got to campaign in 
precincts, cities, towns, villages, 
hamlets and communes

Stephanopoulos: could work

Ellison: we've go to talk to the
folks in the barbershop, diners
and factory workers

Stephanopoulos: Trump says they
are all professional protesters

Ellison: the very first amendment says
we have the right to protest

Stephanopoulos: I suppose

Ellison: we oppose his racism and misogyny!

Stephanopoulos: would support his infrastructure bill?

Ellison: we've been arguing for that for years

Stephanopoulos: that is true

Ellison: maybe he'll keep his promises

Stephanopoulos: do you agree that
you guys need a full time chair of the DNC

Ellison: you have to have the
vision to rebuild the party

Stephanopoulos: what else

Ellison: someone has to mobilize
and inspire people across the country

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Keith

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